Payment Options

Allow Guests to purchase Packages through a variety of different Payment Options.

Charge to Room

Waves integrates with select property management systems to allow your guests to charge their Wi-Fi usage to their Room/Guest Account in your property management system. With this payment method, guests will be able pay for the packages they've used on check out from their stay, just like they would do with the mini-bar or room service.

Guests will be prompted to select this as a payment option when selecting a package from the Premium Login screen. Guest Account logins are verified against multiple factors to ensure that other guests cannot charge Wi-Fi usage to another guests room.

For more information on which systems Waves integrates with, please take a look at our integrations page.

Credit Card

Allow your premium users to purchase paid Wi-Fi packages on your hotspot using their credit card. All Credit Card transactions are processed securely, on-the-fly using our 3rd party online merchant gateway partner Stripe™.

Stripe™ has low fees and you can signup for your own free Stripe™ account and connect this with Waves to start charging users for their Wi-Fi access. Stripe™ allows you to access the revenue you've made from the Wi-Fi packages you've sold by configuring your own deposit schedule into the nominated bank account.

Please note that to utilise this integration platform Waves takes a $1.00 AUD processing fee and a 5% of the package price transaction fee from every credit card transaction processed through the system.

Voucher Code

Waves has a simple Voucher generation system whereby 12 digit codes can be generated from the management interface to be provided to guests. Vouchers are generated against and are only valid for the selected package in a one time use scenario. Guests can then redeem the voucher code for one of the premium packages configured for your hotspot. Once the voucher has been redeemed, it cannot be reused.

Voucher codes can also be generated in batches and then downloaded in bulk CSV format for importing to 3rd party point of sale software or property management systems.