Manage all aspects of your Guest Wi-Fi Network.

Hotspot Management

Waves provides you with the ability to manage every aspect of your hotspot, all from our cloud based interface. 

The management portal allows you to configure important hotspot settings such as:

  1. Enabling different login types. We have 4 different login options such as One Click, SMS Code, Premium and PMS Guest Access. Find our more about these options by visiting our user login page.
  2. Configure a credit card gateway for allowing users to purchase paid packages through our Premium logins feature.
  3. Enable the three different Premium login payment options (Voucher Code, Credit Card and Bill to Room) we have on offer.
  4. Customise the look of your portal pages by uploading your company logo. Waves also allows you to upload custom CSS for the portal pages to customise the look to suit your businesses colour scheme.

Are you a multi-location business owner and have a hotspot at each site? We allow you to manage all of your hotspots from within the one interface.


User Management

Monitor the users on your hotspot in real time as they access the internet through the Waves hotspot system. View and access usage statistics per user and grant or limit access to individual users all within a few clicks.

As a hotspot owner, you will be able to resolve user complaints with ease. Find users on your hotspot and bring up a report of their current package usage as well as the full history of their account on your hotspot.

Waves also includes one click Disconnect and Ban user functions to terminate users internet access who aren't using the hotspot as it was intended.

Package Management

Waves provides hotspot owners with a simple package management interface. From this screen you can add new or edit existing packages and customise everything about the package including:

  • Name (Customise the name of your packages as you see fit.)
  • Upload and Download Quota (Set these separately to prevent users from uploading masses of data.)
  • Package Duration (How long the data allocation lasts.)
  • Upload/Download Speeds (Individual settings. Speed limit users so they don't utilise all of your internet bandwidth.)
  • Package Expiry Date (Set packages to expire after a certain period if they haven't been used.)

From this interface you can also assign packages to the different login options and select which payment methods are available.

Administration Devices

In Waves we have the ability to provide "special" Administration Devices connected to the hotspot with unrestricted access to the internet.

Simply enter the devices MAC address into the management portal and the next time the device connects to the hotspot it won't be prompted to login. This is especially useful for devices such as Smart TV's and appliances, staff PC's and housekeeping tablets/phones.


Waves provides powerful analytics and detailed reports for your hotspot. We allow you to report and filter on all aspects of your hotspot including:

  • User Logins
  • Data Usage
  • User Account History
  • Package Payments
  • Voucher Codes Redeemed 
  • Many More

All of our reports are filterable by date and time so you can get the exact data you need.