How Does Waves Work?

Learn how Waves manages your Wi-Fi Network.

Internet Connection

Waves connects via your existing internet connection on site, and allows you to control your guest access to the internet. If you do not have an internet connection, please contact your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) to discuss options.

Waves does not discriminate and you can use it with any modern type of internet service, as long as Waves is able to connect to the router/modem/firewall on site (sorry no dial up).

As you will be sharing your internet connection with your guests, please ensure you have a plan with enough bandwidth and data allowance to handle the estimated number of users on your Wi-Fi network.

Waves WiFi Gateway

The Waves-configured hotspot controller sits in between your internet connection and your guest wireless network.

It manages all of the network traffic from your guests including access requests and permissions of guest devices.

If the guest login meets the package criteria, then internet access is granted, the package criteria allocated and Waves will monitor the overall package usage.

If a guest leaves the site and returns later, Waves will remember them. If their package is still active and available, they will automatically be reconnected without having to login. 

Your WiFi Network

Use your existing Wireless Access Points on site to offer your guests a professional and customisable internet connection option.

Users connect to the Internet via one or more Wireless Access Points linked throughout your property.

Waves does not discriminate and will work in with your existing Wireless Network to ensure your guests have access to the internet with an easy to customise interface.

If you do not have Wireless infrastructure in place, feel free to contact our specialist partners for advice on the best setup options for your business -