At Waves, we provide specially customised firmware for your device. This is install during the setup process and makes your router compatible with Waves' cloud based management portal.

From time-to-time Waves will update the management portal and the hotspot controller software. Waves' custom firmware is designed to periodically "call home" and check for updates which are then automatically downloaded and installed on your router. Your existing configuration data will be backed up on our servers in the event we need to restore it to an older version.

All router configurations are backed up to the Waves cloud platform. This configuration can then automatically be restored to the device for Waves to continue working.

Waves currently integrates with select Property Management Systems and Payment Gateways.

At present, Waves only supports the use of the Stripe online merchant credit card gateway.

For a full list of our integrations, please visit our integrations page.

At present Waves only supports the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. We will be adding more devices in the future. Please check the Supported Devices page for an accurate list.

Yes! Waves has been developed from the ground up to be responsive and mobile friendly. The portal is easy to use on all devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PC's and even high DPI screens.

Yes! Waves has the ability to allow unrestricted internet access to these devices by saving the devices MAC address into the management interface.

Yes! Waves is a fully customisable Guest Wi-Fi Manager. We have three login types you can choose from to allow guests free access to your Wi-Fi. These include One Click, Facebook and SMS Code login options. We even include the ability to limit the amount of uploads/downloads/etc that guests receive on their free login.