• User-Friendly Hotspot Management

    Give your guests the best Wi-Fi experience possible with easy-to-manage hotspot connection tools

Guest Wi-Fi Solutions

Waves Guest Wi-Fi Manager is a new, cloud-based hotspot management system tailor made to manage your guest Wi-Fi network. Configure paid packages, free data allocations, shape internet speeds and more all from within our easy to use interface. Allow guests to access the internet via SMS code, integrated PMS or Premium signups using one of our specially designed login systems.


The cloud based management platform means that users and Wi-Fi Packages are easily managed from any device, including tablets and mobile devices.

Customise the packages that you offer to guests including speed, data allowances and duration.

You also have the ability to add "Special" devices to the system. These devices will be granted unrestricted access to the internet and is useful for items like Smart TVs, appliances and staff computers.

With full, live reporting capabilities, we provide an overview of connected parties and the data they are using on your network as well as the packages they've signed up for.

User Logins

Waves currently offers 4 distinct login options for your guests including One Click, SMS Code, PMS Guest Access and Premium Paid Logins.

Assign the packages you've configured inside of Waves to each user login type. This will allow to you to provide a custom offering based on your guests requirements.

One Click allows users instant, FREE limited access to the internet. After their allocation has expired, they can purchase additional packages.

Optionally require users to verify their identity via an SMS code.

If you would like to generate income from your hotspot system, Waves has the ability to offer premium, paid packages to your guests using a secure online credit card gateway.

Using a supported Property Management System? Waves also has a bill to room option.